In a story first reported by KPRC in Houston,  a teacher from Wharton I.S.D has raised concerns about conditions at the Jr. High and High Schools.

In the article, we learn of an unidentified teacher that says that things are 'bad and in danger of getting more out of hand.'This is in reference to an incident that left a teacher with bruises on her leg and marks on her hands from a pencil attack from a student who allegedly threatened the life of other teachers and students.

This is not the only incident.

This past Friday a high school coach was allegedly attacked by his own players during halftime. In a statement to KPRC 2, a Warton ISD spokesperson said: “We’re aware of two incidents that have been investigated and appropriate actions are in the process of being taken.” As for now, the unidentified teacher says 'We have no discipline, our superintendent said we are not allowed to give out discipline.”  What is wrong with our youth today?

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What is the cause of these behaviors?

I am going to credit social media with a lot of these ridiculous behaviors. The TikTok challenge for October is called 'Slap a Teacher.' Which is exactly how it sounds. The students start the video by calmly walking up to their teachers, slap them, and then run off, making sure that they capture the whole thing on camera. How horrific! The TikTok challenge for September was the Devious Lick challenge, which challenged students to deface and destroy school property.  Parents stay in know about social media trends and get up in your kid's business.

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