Fans who were holding their breath for another Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran duet can let out a sigh of ... disappointment. Sadly, it won't be happening -- at least not on the English singer-songwriter's new album.

In chatting about his upcoming sophomore album, Sheeran broke the news, saying, "I didn't work with Taylor [Swift] on the album purely for the fact that we've done that already."

"We've already done a song and I don't know if that would surprise anyone if that happened," he adds.

The pair's hit 'Everything Has Changed' appeared on Swift's 2012 release 'Red' and was a fan favorite, from the catchy melody and sweet lyrics to the completely adorable music video in which kids find their first love.

Although the two star singers aren't collaborating for Sheeran's new album, they will, of course, still collaborate in other ways.

"We've always going to perform together, we're always going to write together [and] we're always going to hang out," confirms Sheeran. "I just felt for this record I wanted to make a record that would surprise people and keep them intrigued."

Who knows? There's still hope that Swift will decide to display her ginger-haired friend on her next record! And Sheeran has admitted before that he'd be open to doing a country album someday. Now that sounds like a great way to unveil another duet between the two talented musicians!