Taylor Swift isn’t the kind of girl who gets stuck in a beauty rut. Just when we get used to a signature Swift hairstyle or makeup routine, she’s bound to change it up on us. Last year, she threw country music fans a curveball by cutting straight bangs into her previously always-curly blonde hair. Now, she’s dropped a real bomb, dying her hair brown — or at least a much darker shade of blonde — for her recent CoverGirl shoot.

That’s right, the ‘Safe and Sound’ hitmaker is now a brunette! Although her new hue might be shocking for longtime fans, Swift at least eased us into a new hair color by going light brown instead of a deeper shade.

Swift unveiled the darker color in CoverGirl’s new ‘See you, be you’ makeup campaign. America’s pop/country sweetheart tried on several different makeup looks as the campaign’s leading lady, including simple and clean, rocker, glam and country styles. A behind-the-scenes video of the CoverGirl photo shoot revealed her style choices, including an adorable lace blouse, floppy 70s-inspired hats, and a leather rock n’ roll-style jacket.

Swift’s vintage look is remarkably similar to her Vogue cover shoot earlier this year, when she let stylists cut fringe bangs into her hair before taking her photo. Only a ‘Fearless’ woman puts her hairstyle in the hands of strangers!

By now, we all know that Swift will go to great lengths to look stylish. And it works for her, red carpet after red carpet. Just a few days ago, the award-winning singer admitted to Refinery29 that she once subbed a sharpie for eyeliner when she didn’t have the right kind of makeup on an airplane. Just for the record, she doesn’t recommend that anyone else try that trick!

In the end, Swift is a perfect example of the fact that beauty goes a lot deeper than hair color. The mega-popular country singer is known for being sweet-as-pie in real life, whether she’s blonde or brunette. Still, it’s a shock to see her donning chocolatey locks.