Aggies With Historic Comeback
Most basketball loving people pretty much know if you are down by 11 with a minute to go you are probably going to lose.  I guess the Aggie basketball team must of missed the memo.  Last night the Aggies  made a HISTORIC comeback erasing a 12 point deficit in 44 seconds and forcing double overtime where they secured a win and their first chance to dance in the sweet 16 since 2007...
“Strong” Changes At UT?
Let me start this by saying I first saw this on a friend's Facebook page. And this is an ACTUAL friend of mine, not merely a "Facebook friend." This friend is also a UT alum, and keeps close tabs on what's happening with the Longhorns football program. That being said, if this information is true, there will be a major culture change in the UT football program, thanks to new Head Coach C
The 12 Best Teams That Didn’t Win the NCAA Tournament
Not every great college basketball team wins the NCAA tournament. Some incredible college teams have suffered heartbreaking losses only to win the NCAA tournament title the following year (1973 North Carolina State, 1975 Indiana, 1982 Georgetown). Other championship teams have lost in an attempt at repeating (1961 Ohio State, 1985 Georgetown, 1991 UNLV, 1997 Kentucky). Here are the 12 best teams t
Rob’s Christmas Wish List.
If you are having trouble trying to find a good gift for your man.  I am here to help.  I will let you know of a few items that I would want for Christmas and maybe it will give you a good idea on what to get! Gift Cards: Autozone, Walmart, Academy, Gamestop would be awesome if he likes video games...
Jimmer Fredette Is Too Popular to Attend Classes
Jimmer Fredette and his third-seeded BYU Cougars only reached the Round of 16 during last month's NCAA tournament, a somewhat disappointing result. However, that hasn't made college basketball's Player of the Year any less popular on campus. In fact, the BYU administration recently asked the senior to stop attending classes, because his mere presence was affecting the learning environment at the
Aggies Win NCAA Championship!
If anyone watched the womens game last night, you immediately thought it was much more exciting than watching the mens final game of the NCAA tourney.  I don't think I have ever really watched a game of womens basketball untill last night and I was not disspointed.
Jacob Tucker Wins NCAA Slam Dunk Tournament [VIDEO]
Last month a video of a Jacob Tucker pulling off a series of spectacular slam dunks became a viral hit.  What made the video so striking is that Tucker, a guard for Division III school Illinois College, is white and under six-feet tall — both traits that aren’t typically associated with the dunk...
What Will Tomorrow Bring?
Tomorrow on the morning show on KIXS I will be discussing the new Iphone 4.  Do you have the new one from Verizon, and other alternatives for an Iphone.  We will be looking at a new diet that will be hitting the USA next month.  Bud Selig says he will be retiring after the 2012 season, and with that being said, will the new owner let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame...

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