Let me start this by saying I first saw this on a friend's Facebook page. And this is an ACTUAL friend of mine, not merely a "Facebook friend." This friend is also a UT alum, and keeps close tabs on what's happening with the Longhorns football program. That being said, if this information is true, there will be a major culture change in the UT football program, thanks to new Head Coach Charlie Strong! The web post is credited to Scipio Tex at barkingcarnival.com. Here is an excerpt:

This was all relayed to me 2nd and 3rd hand by good people.

Strong and his coaches met with the team and outlined their expectations. He followed that with individual meetings with key players and 2014 seniors. The meeting was "very intense", but there was no yelling or drill sergeant act. No theater. Just a detailing of how things are going to be from now on. No one was thanked for being there. No one was patted on the back for being at Texas.


Strong expectations:

1. Players will attend all of their classes and sit in the front two rows of all of their classes. GAs, academic folks, position coaches will be checking constantly now.


2. No headphones in class. No texting in class. Sit up and take notes.


3. If a player misses a class, he runs until it hurts. If he misses two classes, his entire position unit runs. If he misses three, the position coach runs. The position coaches don't want to run.


4. No earrings in the football building.  No drugs.  No stealing.  No guns.  Treat women with respect.


5. Players may not live off campus anymore, unless they're a senior who hits certain academic standards. The University will buy out the leases for every player currently living off campus and put them in the athletic dorm.

There are six more items on the list, and you'll want to check them out by clicking the link below. If some of the above "standards" seem controversial, wait until you see the rest! But if Coach Strong can re-shape the culture in the locker room and on the field, perhaps UT will regain its rightful position as a powerhouse in the Big 12, and perhaps even be a real contender for the National Championship. Only time will tell

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