Practical Gift Guide for Graduates
It's about that time of year when graduation ceremonies, well-wishes and job-hunting begin. Fountain pens and diamond earrings are wonderful and traditional graduation gifts but sometimes something practical can truly be the best option. So send off the graduate in your life with something they'll not only cherish and love because it came from you but they'll actually use on a regular basis!
VISD Updates Graduation Plans
Last week, VISD announced that a 'virtual' graduation ceremony would be held, and was not received very well by the community!   Leadership from East and West and VISD District leaders have since met and come up with a new plan.  This is a way that will give the graduate a chance to experience an in-person family commencement experience...
Send Your Graduate A Shout-Out
A big congrats to all the graduates of 2015, not only Seniors in High School and College.  You also have 5th graders going to Jr High and 8th graders becoming fish next year!  Send a shout out to your graduate,6th grader or freshman and I will do them Thursday and Friday  morning on my show  You can call in your shout out in the mornings at 573-0108 or just comment here and that will ensure you do

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