What is Your Poorest College Moment
DOWNLOAD OUR STATION APP TODAY Since my daughter has been home from college, I have been hearing her talk about random things that she sees on social media. Today, she came across a post that she just kept laughing at.  When I asked what she was laughing at, she told me it was a post from an SFA student asking what everyone's poorest college moment was...
Houston Mom Kicked Out of Pizza Parlor Over Diaper Change
Stay classy, Houston! A mom and her kids were kicked out of a Houston-area pizza restaurant because one of the kidlings needed a diaper change. As the restaurant's rest room didn't feature a diaper changing table, this resourceful matriarch used what she felt was the only option available to her: change out the kid's nasty Pampers right there in the dining room!
My Time Machine Is Nice… But Where’s My Flying Car?
Last night I was hanging around the house watching a blue ray movie on my 52 inch high definition television while supper cooked in the microwave. I was really enjoying myself until my heat massage recliner stopped working. That really made me mad. I decided if my recliner wasn't going to work, then I would just find something else to do.