Stay classy, Houston!

A mom and her kids were kicked out of a Houston-area pizza restaurant because one of the kidlings needed a diaper change. As the restaurant's rest room didn't feature a diaper changing table, this resourceful matriarch used what she felt was the only option available to her: change out the kid's nasty Pampers right there in the dining room!


HOUSTON, Texas -- A mother from the Spring, Texas area recently created some buzz online when news broke that she and her children had been kicked out of a local pizzeria for changing her baby's diaper at a table in the restaurant's dining room.

Miranda Sowers said she took her infant daughter to the restroom of the Brother's Pizza Express in Spring, but she was disappointed to discover that they didn't have changing tables, according to KHOU.

That's when she decided to change her baby's diaper on the chair next to her dinner table.

You can read the rest of the story by clicking the link below. Yecch!

via Texas Mom Pizzeria Diaper Incident.