He stands on the corner of Main and Constitution, inside DeLeon Plaza. The nameless soldier whose dedication reads, "To The Soldiers of the Confederate States of America." He is one of more than 200 symbols and monuments dedicated to the Confederacy in Texas.

Created by Italian sculpture, Pompeo Coppini, our Confederate monument was dedicated by the William P. Rogers Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy of Victoria Texas on June 3rd, 1912. Pompeo's work can be found around the world, but locally outside of our community, you might recognize his famous work in San Antonio, "Spirit of Sacrifice" otherwise known as the Alamo Cenotaph, standing tall across Alamo Plaza.

Some considering his sculptures masterpieces, some citing offense.

News is now circulating in our community of a petition through Change.org to have Victoria's Confederate monument removed. Earlier reports indicated 1,000 signatures were currently on the petition. At this time, over 1,500 signatures have been identified. One signature for every Confederate monument in the United States, as according to Wikipedia, there are exactly 1503.

Are 1,500 signatures enough? 10,000?

After a quick review of the Change.org website, it seems a new petition to keep the Confederate statue erect in Victoria is also available to sign on Change.org as well.

Victoria's Confederate monument reads, "On Ciliviation's Height Immutable They Stand."

Coincidentally, immutable means, "unchanging over time."


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