Good news for carnival lovers!

It was a heckuva year and as Texans, we have been craving outdoor fun with friends. Fiesta San Antonio announced that this year they will once again host their famous Fiesta Carnival! And guess what? THE  FIESTA CARNIVAL ENTRANCE IS FREE!

The Fiesta Carnival isn't charging an entry fee? Tell me more!

According to the Fiesta Carnival webpage, which you can access here, admission is free but food and beverages, as well as rides and games, will require a fee.

When is the Fiesta Carnival?

Starting this Thursday, June 17th from 5 to 11 pm carnival lovers can get their fill of bright lights thrill rides, corn dogs, and funnel cake through June 27th.

That's ten full days of Fiesta fun!

According to Wadeshows. com, "Thrills and chills fill the air at one of the best carnivals in the land. Glittering lights, exciting rides, and a wide assortment of foods in the heart of San Antonio make the Carnival a perennial favorite of Fiesta®-goers. Revenue from this event helps support the activities of Fiesta® San Antonio." 

That's not all. The Fiesta Carnival is offering a special discount for every day they are in SA. Check this out!

However, they will offer a special each day the carnival is in San Antonio. Here is the 'pay one price ride special;

Pay One Price Ride Specials

Thursday, June 17:  $22
Friday, June 18:  $25
Saturday, June 19:  $25
Sunday, June 20:  $25
Monday, June 21:  $22
Tuesday, June 22:  $22
Thursday, June 24:  $22
Friday, June 25:  $25
Saturday, June 26:  $25
Sunday, June 27:  $25

What's the safety protocol?

Wade Shows offers that they have taken extra safety precautions this year by widening the midways, following social distancing guidelines, and offering hand sanitizing stations throughout the carnival.

Tell me about the rides!

If you're into kiddie rides, thrill rides, or just want to watch the lights, there is something for everyone at the Fiesta Carnival. You can check out every attraction coming to San Antonio's Fiesta Carnival by clicking here.

Texas has some great carnivals, and Fiesta San Antonio is one of the best.

Where do I buy tickets?

If you want more information like where to get your prepaid tickets, just click the link here.

We will see you at the carnival!

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