Friday morning the students of St. Joseph High School joined me on the show to talk about their Homecoming festivities.  From left to right Abigail, Cheerleader; Ben, Football Player and Mr. Great Legs runner up; Kathryn, Cheerleader; Skylar, Cheerleader; Malary, Starlighter; Hailey, Cheerleader; LeAnn, Starlighter; Emily, Starlighter; and Kailey, Starlighter. They definitely showed their school spirit with some cheers  and even had their youngest Flyer, Kinley shout out "Go Flyers" on the mic.   Homecoming week is one deeply rooted in tradition at St. Joe.  Like many schools, every day has a different theme.  What makes this school different happens on Wednesday night.  Wednesday night they have the Homecoming Memorial Mass, in which the whole student body, teachers, parents, and alumni pay their respects and honor all of the Flyer family who have passed on before us.  This is a very sentimental mass and really tightens the Flyer bond as Homecoming week really takes off.  Thursday night was the Flyer Homecoming Pep-Rally, with the mix of state of the art LED lighting, professional sound, and an event emcee alongside the loud and proud Flyer student body.  Sometimes, the small schools show the biggest spirit and this is definitely true at STJ.  Friday night was a tough fought football game where the Flyers came up short 32-27 against San Antonio Cornerstone.  After the very competitive game and they shook hand at the 50 yard line, they proceeded to pray as one!  As they walked off the field, the band played the school song, and the players held their helmets up high as walked off to the field.  This what Flyer pride is all about!  Saturday night culminated with the school Homecoming dance. I am also a Flyer graduate from the class of 96, so when I write this, I am also speaking of personal experiences from my time there!