Steel Magnolia singer Meghan Linsey is a mom. A canine mom, that is. Linsey adopted a super cute puppy she's named Betty.

She tweeted a photo of her new "girl," already a fashionable pooch dressed in an adorable and multi-colored striped sweater. Betty looks like a beagle or a Jack Russell. Whatever breed she is doesn't really matter. Only one thing is for sure and that's the fact that she is precious.

Linsey posted the pic and tweet last night (Dec. 28), writing:

It's official! I adopted a little girl!! :) meet Betty everyone!!

Steel Magnolia have been largely quiet for a good chunk of 2012, after some turbulence in 2011. Linsey and her bandmate and onetime fiancé Joshua Scott Jones are reportedly no longer a couple. He entered rehab last year, and the duo parted ways with their label, Big Machine. They still perform together, however.

Despite some personal and professional drama that has surrounded the cute blonde singer in the past year, we're sure Linsey will shower her new baby girl with lots of love as a single dog mom.

Check out the photo of Betty below. She's quite a looker.





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