Friendship is a special bond between 2 people that helps make living life a little easier. In life you will have many friends but when you find a true friend you are truly blessed. True friends influence each other to rise a little higher [and] be a little better.  The other day on facebook I noticed a strong bond between two friends. One I know who is Erica Rangnow and the other Susan Dorsett. I was very touched by all that Erica is doing for her friend Susan.  Their friendship is a true special bond. 

 Erica and Susan met in 1995, St Patrick’s day to be exact. Their 19 year anniversary is coming up! They met at Sports Emporium. The venue had just opened and Susan was working there and Erica was celebrating her divorce that day. Susan waited on Erica and friends and the friendship was born there. They have celebrated many events since then but an unfortunate event happened February 8th this year. Susan was run down at her home by a car while her two children watched.  She immediately began lifesaving measures and, in effect, saved her own life.  She was taken to DeTar, where her co-workers worked hard to save her life.  She was taken immediately to the OR in an effort to save her badly mangled left leg.  Thankfully, the rest of her was untouched. She was transferred to San Antonio where on February 24th they amputated right above the ankle and have hope for her being fitted for a prosthetic in 6 weeks. "She's a tough cookie and I believe she will come through this stronger than ever", said Erica.

Erica put together “Stay Strong Susie” on the website Give Forward to help raise money for medical, legal and traveling expenses. I encourage you to visit the site by clicking here!

I pray daily for Susan even though I don’t know her but wish her the best and a speedy recovery.