While this week has been more on the damp and chilly side, we promise, spring isn't that far away! The Texas Zoo is getting the word out about the spring camp sessions that your kids can register for right now.

Go wild with camps at Victoria's Texas Zoo. These camps are made for kids ages 5 to 16 and older. The day is spent exploring the roles of animal care-giving that sends campers home with real hands-on experience with animals who live here at the Texas zoo. Each camp has a unique focus.

Vet Camp gives kids a chance to experience what it is like to be a real Veterinarian. They will actually teach your kids how to take an animal's vital signs and discuss why medicine is so important. There is lots of hands-on time with the animals that the kids will love with all kinds of activities in each session of camp. This is perfect for the young animal lover in your family.

Keeper Camp gives students a chance to dive deep into what it is like to be a ZooKeeper. The campers get to shadow the zoo's own wildlife experts and help them with everything from cleaning exhibits, feeding the animals, and even some animal training.

Training Camp is the perfect fit for any camper who wants to really work with the animals and the zoo's trainers. Campers can actually shadow these animal experts during training sessions and learn why they work the animals differently. They will understand why these behaviors are so important and will get to participate.

And you thought that spring break was going to be the same old same old this year? No way! You can get more info and sign up by visiting Texaszoo.org.


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