Tracks are back open this month after a brief break for the holidays. No, we aren't talking about those new year’s resolution tracks, so put those running shoes away.

Not only is our friend Alex a fantastic intern, but she also races imports like the rock star that she is.

The photo above is of Alex lined up at the track over the weekend. She told us about her weekend at the track which got us thinking we should let everybody know which tracks are back in business!

Texas race tracks have opened their gates, and cars have eagerly begun to flock in.

Que the grudge races:

Race Image

Last week, Houston Raceway Park hosted it's first 'Fast Friday' of the year. Just about every Friday, this Raceway opens up the track to legal street racing. You can bring your car to run your friends or just to push yourself to get your best quarter-mile time. Fast Fridays at Houston Raceway start at 6 pm and runs end at midnight. 

Just a head-up, there’s a sandpit at the end of the track, so you should probably exit before you hit it.

Alamo City Motorplex gates are also open. They have racing events on most weekends. This track is a bit smaller compared to some other tracks, but honestly, that's what makes it so great. The lines are typically shorter; you don't have to wait forever for tech to inspect your vehicle or in line to race. Most nights, it's really smooth and fast; you get there and run.

If you find yourself a bit more north, there's another track in Ennis, TX. The Texas Motorplex in Ennis has plenty of opportunities for you to bring your car out to race.

Remember to plan ahead and read the rules and regulations for each track. Nothing is worse than getting your car ready all week and showing up to the track, only to be told you can't run your car because it has a sunroof and you don't have a helmet; this has caused some messy and heated situations from uninformed drivers.

Check out each site to read about the rules and fees.

Houston Raceway Park
Alamo City Motorplex
Texas MotorPlex

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