A small engine plane on its way to New Braunfels came down out of the sky Tuesday and made an emergency landing in Canyon Lake according to CanyonLakeTexasNews.com.

Sources could not say for sure where this plane was coming from when it crashed. NewsWest9.com says the plane took off from an airfield near Midland. The accident happened around 10 AM this morning pretty close to Westhaven in Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake Fire responded to the crash and when they arrived the two passengers on board had exited the sinking plane quickly and swam to shore despite their injuries.

The plane is said to have crashed into the water near the 100 block of Canteen in the Westhaven neighborhood, which is near boat ramp 6 at the Westhaven dock.

One of the passengers was taken to Christas Santa Rosa hospital in New Braunfels.

By this afternoon drone footage of the sunken plane was showing up on social media and youtube. The fire department said that the plane is under about 18 feet of water and should not be a threat to the area's environment.

Additional photos of the plane crash can be seen here.

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