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The Victoria Police Department citing red-light runners on Navarro.

The Victoria Police Department is out in full force looking specifically for red-light runners and citations are being handed out faster than you can say, "Go."

Tuesdays Traffic Tip just got real.

If you're friends on the Victoria Police Department Facebook page you might already know about their Tuesday Traffic Tips, but if this is the first time you've heard of it, you can check out their Facebook page and friend them now by clicking here.

This past Tuesday, Officer Knief with the Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit offered on their Traffic Tip Tuesdays Facebook video post that recently at Navarro and the Loop there have been multiple crashes due to drivers running the red light at that intersection. For that reason, the Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit has conducted  what is known as "proactive enforcement."

In a one-hour period, they stopped nine vehicles and issued nine citations.

This means that within a 60 minute period of time at the intersection of Navarro and the Loop, nine people ran the red light and were cited. In the video below you can see MULTIPLE VEHICLES running the red light as they made a left turn!

This is a driving error we see too often in Victoria, especially on Navarro. 

" We will continue traffic enforcement in this area for running the red lights, so please, do not run the red lights and drive safe, thank you," Officer Kenief advises.

More reasons to slow down.

In the button below, you can read an article we posted several days ago about the number of traffic accidents that have occurred in Victoria this year alone.

You can meet the fine members of the Victoria Police Department and collect their trading cards below.

Be safe Victoria, please slow down. 

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