Yes! The Victoria Police Department has trading cards for you to collect! The next time you see one of our officers, shake their hand and ask them for one!

This story starts out as a bit of a "flexing" story when two of our DJs were playfully bantering with one another and trying to 'one-up' the other. The stakes were getting pretty high when one of the DJ's flashed their Officer David Brogger card.  WHOA!!! IT WAS EVEN SIGNED BY OFFICER BROGGER. DAYYYUMM.

It was a power-play equivalent to throwing down a royal flush on a pair of threes! The argument was over.

Being trumped by the Officer Brogger trading card became a thing around the studio with the losing DJ being reminded often. Flexing the Officer Brogger Card much!!!

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Turns out the DJ who lost the argument just happened to see Officer Brogger in passing and told him of her plight.

Now, if you know Officer Brogger, you know he LOVES a practical joke and you'll never believe what he did!

He went to each of the officers at the Victoria Police Department and mustered every trading card our VPD had, and brought the losing DJ as many of the trading cards as he could find.

15 officer's trading cards in total INCLUDING Officer Brogger's LATEST and greatest trading card which of course, HE SIGNED too. WAH HAHA!

Photo Lorin Walker/ TSM
Photo Lorin Walker/ TSM

And that's not even the best part. Officer Brogger even brought ... HOT OFF THE PRESS... Blue Santa's trading card!  Thank you Officer Brogger and to all of our officers at Victoria Police Department.

Who has the SWAG now?!?! YEP, I do! I mean, the losing DJ does. But she ain't losing anymore. In fact, a stack of VPD trading cards is all she needs now to win ANY argument around the studio!

In the spirit of sharing, here are each of the cards with a little about each of our officers. Be sure to ask them for their cards though to collect your own!

Victoria Police Department Trading Cards


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