It seems like this is happening almost every day in the Crossroads.  Last night the Goliad County Sherrif's Department stopped a white car from Duval County on Highway 59, near the San Antonio River.  Even though multiple people in the car fled on foot, Goliad County Sheriff's Deputies eventually captured them all.


One smuggler from Alice, TX was arrested for Smuggling of Persons. Also apprehended were two illegal aliens for evading arrest/detention, and four other illegal aliens were transported to Kingsville Border Patrol Station.
One of the illegal aliens taken to Kingsville was found to have given a false name. Once his identity was known, it was discovered that he was wanted on a warrant out of Plano, TX for Possession of a Controlled Substance. He was brought back to Goliad for the warrant, arrested for Failure To ID/Fugitive from Justice, and provided with accommodations.
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This is just one of the dozens of arrests and bailouts in the Crossroads recently. Bailouts if you are unfamiliar is when a vehicle, frequently a truck or SUV is pulled over and undocumented immigrants bail out of the vehicle often attempting to avoid capture and arrest.


If you think you have discovered a bailout situation going on in Victoria County, police urge residents not to get involved and to simply dial 9-1-1 to report exactly what you have seen. Keep a safe distance and let the police handle the matter.

We send out an extra thank you to officers throughout the Crossroads who are working overtime on the numerous bailouts that are happening right now in most counties throughout the region. Thank you for doing all you can to keep us safe.

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