Do you ever think back to your senior year of high school and wish your prom night had been more memorable? Did you miss your prom altogether and wish you could go back in time? Well, don't worry, because you are getting a second chance to relive your youth!

Gather up the courage to ask your date out to our "Second Chance PROM Costume Ball" before someone else does! Hosted at Jaycee Hall, we will have decorations, photographers, and ALL the perks for you to recreate that Prom you always wish you had experienced!

I will be providing DJ and Emcee services and SA Lights will be taking you on a journey through time, playing music from the 70’s and 80s, and a few 90’s favorites to appeal to all of your musical tastes!

Come dressed in your craziest outfits to be nominated to be our very own Prom King & Queen! This isn't a petty popularity contest like when you were seventeen, this is entirely based on how awesome your outfits are! Be nominated as a couple or individually! (Individual entries will be matched up with other individual entries)

Cash Prize for Prom Royalty will be rewarded, as well as a crown & tiara, and complimentary champagne!

Your ticket fee ($20) will include:
- Admission to the best prom EVER!
- Snacks and Drinks
- The time of your life!
- More perks to be announced on Saturday!

Second Chance Prom Costume Ball
Adult Prom
Saturday October 12th
Dress in costume, Dress in 80’s attire, or Dress in a prom clothes! Your Choice!

Click here for more information.

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