We asked you to tell about your the person you thought was the Crossroad’s Supermom – a woman with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.  We have selected the 5 finalists. Its time to cast your VOTE for your the Crossroads' Supermom! 

The top two finalists with the most votes will each win, for their nominated mother, a prize package  from Indigo Day Spa and The Sky Restaurant and flowers from McAdams Floral! Voting ends Thursday, May 11th at 5pm.



1. Rebeca Schroeder nominated her mother in law.   Julie Schroeder. She is an amazing women who is the most selfless person I know. Since my daughter was born she has gone above and beyond to help with her. She lived in Victoria and is traveling back and forth to Houston where we live while I finish my PhD at MD Anderson. She does all of this while running a business and being a mom and grandmother to her other children who live in Victoria. She is the person that I strive to be like and I am honored to call her my super hero!



2. Aaron Wilson nominated her mother Carol Wilson.  My mother has raised 2 boys but also raised all the neighborhood kids that came along with us. Whether it was baseball game or school functions she juggled all our activities and still worked full time! She was a rn for 20+ years in Victoria. She now works for CASA (court appointed special advocate) where she started as a volunteer and now works full time. She speaks on the behalves of children in cps ranging from babies to teenagers! See even when her children were gone she couldn't find children to help fast enough! See she might not have any super powers but what she does have she is quick to give to a child in need! That's why she’s my hero!



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3. Leslee Jarisch nominated Angela Drexler.   She's always been super mom. Now she's a super grandma! I would not be able to raise my children without her constant love and support. She loves them as her own and never hesitate ma to help me and my husband at the drop of a hat. She deserves a day of pampering!



4. Sarah Harper nominated her mom Janet Hilsabeck.   My mom raised two daughters on her own, until my stepdad came along when we were 14 and 16. During this time, my mom, being the sole provider for our family, earned her bachelors and masters degrees. Not only is she a super mom, she's a super nurse, as well. While she was raising us and continuing her education, she worked, for a period of time, as the only neonatal nurse practitioner in the area. She is now one of two. I am now a teacher at a local elementary school and my sister is a nurse in a local oncology office. My mom is now a super granny to her three grandkids. She never misses a game or an opportunity to support any of them. My mom started with literally nothing, and has built the life she dreamed about for herself, her children, and her grandchildren.



5. Emery Cordova nominated her mother Kina Veliz. My mom has been battling lupus for several years. Through chemo, sickness, and even on her weakest days, she still manages to maintain her home. She takes full time care of my grandmother, and is even a (Grand)parent volunteer at Vickers elementary. She is my hero because noatter how she feels she always puts others first. Her strength and determination have fueled me to be a better wife and mother to my daughter. I hope to be half the incredible woman she is.