In a very sad story out of the San Antonio area, Lavelle Wilson from San Antonio is headed to prison after she admitted that she stole more than half a million dollars from a Windcrest church. Wilson took approximately $667,542 from the church to pay numerous personal expenses including a trip to Hawaii, shopping sprees at local malls, dining at upscale restaurants, fast food, personal loan payments, and personal cell phone payments. She also withdrew cash for unknown expenses. She has not yet paid any restitution.


According to the press release from Bexar, County,  Wilson was the executive assistant to Bishop David Copeland. She was in charge of two of the church’s bank accounts. Wilson delayed turning over financial records and it was not until the church obtained the records from the bank that it was discovered that Wilson had been taking money from them as far back as 2014.

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Wilson, who had no criminal history, was sentenced to seven years in prison. She is currently awaiting transfer from the Bexar County Jail to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division. She has not yet paid any restitution. Was the sentence too much or not enough? Let us know in the Facebook comment of this status.


The name of the church is New Creation Christian Fellowship and released this statement in a letter to its parishioners.  "The church deals with sin, immorality, and redemption, The law deals with crime." Read the full letter by clicking here.

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