Brandon Cunningham out of San Antonio has been doing very well on his OMAD diet. For those of you that don't know, OMAD is a form of intermittent fasting where you fast for 23 hours and eat for the same 1-hour window each day. OMAD stands for One Meal a Day.  For Brandon, his one meal a day is between 1500-1800 calories. He has been doing the OMAD diet since the beginning of the year and has dropped from 264-205 pounds. As you can see it works. WAY TO GO BRANDON!

A couple of months ago, Brandon was at a place in San Antonio called  Mark's Outing where he saw a 2-pound burger called the I ATE THE 2 POUND BURGER CHALLENGE so he decided to give it a try. He finished it!  You can now see Brandon's picture on the wall at Mark's Outing.  He wanted to amp it up, so on his next Cheat Day, he paid a visit to the Whataburger near the Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio and ordered the massive beast pictured below!  He ordered the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger Meal and added EIGHT MEAT PATTIES, 4 PIECES OF MONTERREY JACK CHEESE, 4 SLICES OF AMERICAN CHEESE, AND 9 PIECES OF BACON! According to the Whataburger APP,  Brandon's burger had a total of 4,450 CALORIES. WHAT-A-BURGER INDEED!  Brandon will continue his OMAD diet and when he drops another 15 pounds, he will challenge himself again.  Oh yeah, see just how much this burger cost! SEE BURGER AND RECEIPT BELOW

Brandon Cunningham
Brandon Cunningham
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