A San Antonio man was arrested this past weekend because he lit a woman's car on fire.  According to KSAT-12, Jose Espinoza was arrested after he was seen on a RING camera driving by the victim’s residence several times on Sunday morning before lighting a fire on the driver’s side of the victim’s car and pouring lighter fluid into the flames, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. What was the reason?  She says, he was upset that she did not let him spend the night at her apartment.

 He was booked into Bexar County jail on Sunday and was charged with a second-degree felony arson charge with a bond of $40,000. In an affidavit that was obtained by KSAT-12 in San Antonio, Jose Espinoza admitted to authorities that he set the vehicle on fire and told police he purchased the items he used to commit the crime at a local convenience store.

After the fire was set, he did return back to the scene. He told police that he was upset with the victim because she refused to give him a ride after he gave her money for gas.  While there are two sides to every story, neither side should lead to a person lighting a car on fire. His mug shot shows an unsettling grin.

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Bexar Police Department

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