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San Antonio couple, Eva and Andres Carrillo have been married for over 62 years and have been almost inseparable, until recently.  Both the husband and wife tested positive for coronavirus. Shortly after being diagnosed, Andres was admitted to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio.  A short time later, Eva was also admitted to Methodist Hospital, also diagnosed with COVID.

As reported by KENS-5 SAN ANTONIO, Andres' daughter, Eliza Calpena was quoted as saying, “My mom and dad are always together and that’s what gets them through.”  There was a problem though, they weren't together.  They had been placed in separate rooms by the hospital.  Eliza goes on to tell KENS-5, “when my mom was at home all she was doing was crying wanting to be with my dad.”  It turns out all they needed was each other! 

Methodist Hospital was gracious enough to put the husband and wife in the same room since they were both diagnosed with COVID-19. The married couple of 62-years is now doing much butter.  Eva and Andres are currently recovering from the virus at a San Antonio rehabilitation facility, together!  SEE VIDEO BELOW.

In a time where our social feed has been filled with topics of Gorilla Glue, cold weather, ERCOT, and political jargon, it's nice to see a story about true love.  Calpena says her parent's story reminds people true love always wins in the end.  Just a reminder that even true love can bring someone back from the brink of death!


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