It's not every day that almost 250-tons of art deco comes inching down the street in South Texas. The old Klien's Cafe is on the move after 80+ years at North Street and South Austin Street in Rockport, Texas.

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We get a number of song requests from Texans making the drive from Victoria to Rockport each week. Plenty of Victorian's have work in the coastal community and head there each week.

Here at the radio station, we have DJs with family members who live down there and for many, the area is close enough to be a familiar one. Chances are if you have been to Rockport over the years you have seen the famous building that used to house Klien's Cafe.

The video above was shared by the Rockport Pilot on social media. That 245-ton structure was built in the early 1940s after the original coffee shop that stood there burned to the ground. The Aransas County Historical Commission features the cafe in a book called Foodways which looked back on a number of cool restaurants and shops that have been a part of the Rockport-Fulton area.

The building is being moved to make way for the new Rockport Center for the Arts complex.

It's amazing to see the crews working together to make this happen. While for them I imagine most of the time it can be as exciting as watching paint try to see the building inch down the streets of the town, but it's great to see a town that cares about its history.

Just think of how many fantastic structures are here in Victoria. Almost every street in our downtown has a building with a really interesting Texas story.

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