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Texas' Best Beach is in Rockport. Ya, I said it.

We all know Texas is famous for its beaches and most of us can name Port A, Corpus, and Mustang Island off the top of our heads as likely making the list of favorite South Texas beaches, but did you know Rockport Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Texas? I say it is the Queen of Texas beaches.

What makes Rockport Beach 'Queen'? Well, for starters, she is clean.

Rockport Beach was Texas' first certified Blue Wave Beach.

What's a Blue Wave Certification?

The Blue Wave program is the first national environmental certification for beaches. The Blue Wave certification process is designed to help maintain robust, healthy, and vibrant beaches.

Let's face it, Texans are likely going to spend more time at Texas beaches than ever before and according to the Clean Beach Coalition, one of the most important concerns for families, especially coming out of quarantine is " Is the beach clean?"

Well, yes, Rockport Beach is the Queen of Clean.

There are Blue Wave Certified beaches in California and Florida as well as throughout the US and thanks to Rockport Beach enthusiasts, Rockport Beach was the first in Texas too! Padre Island National Seashore was second.  If you want the complete list of Blue Wave beaches, you can click the link here.

Why Rockport is the best beach including being Blue Wave Certified.

As part of the certification process, in partnership with the "Clean Beach Coalition," the waters along Little Bay, Saltwater Pavilion, North Rockport Beach, and South Rockport Beach are tested for bacteria at least twice a week. 

As a mom and grandma, outside of wanting to be on a clean beach and not freaking out about bacteria, I love that at Rockport Beach you can literally sink your chair in the sand and let the little ones play without fear of serious undertow or deep waters. Kids can play safely in clean shallow water for several feet before the water even reaches their knees, giving moms some comfort and kids plenty of safe water space. If you come early enough in the day, you can stake your claim at one of the cabanas too! 

Just an hour away from Victoria, you can grab your whole family and head to Rockport Beach knowing it's super clean and super fun for everyone. The Rockport Beach hours of operation are 6 am to 11 pm on Sunday thru Thursday and 6 am to 12 am on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you to the Davis family for allowing me to photograph them on Rockport Beach this very morning! See what I mean by the perfect beach for the family?! 

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