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Young parents piggybacking their two kids outdoors

Can you believe school is already starting back up again?

It's wild to think in just a week from now, most of the children in South Texas will already be back to school. If you're like most families in America, these last few years have been particularly hard on additional spending, which means many families had to skip family vacations.

Couple having problem with bills and money.

Coordinating large family trips is almost next to impossible, so we are LAST MINUTE almost every summer.

If you are like our family, we can't ever seem to coordinate all of our family going to do something all at once with our kids being 20 years apart, some still in high school, some in college, and some with families of their own.

Jack Hollingsworth

If you've got the will, we have got the way!

It's with those two things in mind, we've created your one-stop Top 5 Last Minute Cheap Family Vacations In Texas in the hopes that this list will get you and your family out together for at least one or two of the last days of summer!


Check out Waco Texas at Number 5

Waco, Texas has a little bit of everything for everyone. Did you know on the Baylor University campus there is a free live bear exhibit? It's the Baylor Bear Habitat and it's not only educational, it's fun. What about Moms? The Magnolia Silos! And for Dads? What about the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame? One of the least expensive hotels to stay at is the OYO.

Bear in a tree enjoying the shade. Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Jerry Sodorff

How about at Number 4 the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio?

If you are looking for amazing photo opportunities for your family, we highly recommend the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio. It's free for families! There are tons of inexpensive places to stay overnight, but if you could find a hotel with a small kitchen, why not make tea sandwiches and tea to drink for the perfect lunch for a family on a budget at the Japanese Tea Gardens?

Senior African American man spending time with his son and his grandson in the garden

Got time to drive? Amarillos Cadillac Ranch at Number 3 is well worth the ride!

There is so much to see in Amarillo if your family can handle the drive together! LOL We've taken the drive with our family before and it was awesome, but we love to travel by car. The Cadillac Ranch is just one of the must-sees in Texas. Speaking of must-see, if your budget allows take the family to The Big Texan Steak to eat. They will never forget it!

Michael J. Rivera/Townsquare Media
Michael J. Rivera/Townsquare Media

Let your children run wild at our Number 2 destination, Wildseed Farm

With the ability to grow flowers year-round, there is never a bad time to grab the kids and head to Fredricksburg Texas for a trip to Wildseed Farm. Even in the summertime, flowers like sunflowers and zinnias can be found in bloom at Wildseed Farm. You can buy some wildflower seeds to take home to plant, but again, just photos of the family in the fields are priceless.

Happy beautiful young woman with girl in blossom park with trees and flowers.

Beach, please. Rockport Beach is a true family-friendly beach which is why it's our Number One destination for cheap and last-minute vacation fun.

One of our favorite places to visit in the summertime, Rockport Beach is known throughout Texas as being a kid-friendly, family-budgeting beach. There are free cabanas to set up a family picnic, and tons of amazing birds that migrate to the beach too, but best of all, the beach ticket for the day is only $10.00 per vehicle, per family. The beach frontage area is absolutely free. There are playgrounds and free aquatic museums in the area as well. It's budget-friendly and the beach is awesome.

Family walking on beach

Here is another article singing the praises of Rockport Beach to read!

So I guess the next question is where are you taking the family to first?

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