I'm all about enjoying summer vacation at all the Texas hot spots with family and friends but every once in a while I like to be where there isn't a crowd. Here is the top ten list of the more unusual and least crowded places in Texas to visit this summer without all the hustle and bustle and almost all within reasonable driving distance from Victoria.

Number 10: Caddo Lake

Right on the Texas-Louisiana border, Caddo Lake roughly 6 hours from Victoria is a mystical and enchanting swamp where kayaking is the best mode of transportation. Sure there are tons of mosquitos and alligators, but hey, at least it isn't packed with people! It's reported as some of the best fishing in Texas.

Check out this great video from Texas Parks and Wildlife on YouTube.

Number 9: The Glasscock House VS Fulton Mansion

It's a four-hour drive from Victoria to Clifton Texas but if you love architecture, The Glasscock House is considered a marvel. If you are looking for something a little closer, check out Fulton Mansion in Rockport. It's beautiful and it's an hour away!

Number 8: Chalk Ridge Falls

Take a hike! Literally when discovering the Chalk Ridge Falls Park near Belton Texas, about three hours from Victoria where you can hike along scenic trails and witness the breathtaking sight of cascading waterfalls. The trail is awesome, you can get into the river in many places but the downfall to the waterfall? No dogs are allowed.

Thanks to Reuben S the Traveling Texan for this great Youtube video!

Number 7: Old Tunnel State Park

You probably thought instantly about Austin, but this bat tunnel is located in Mason Texas, about four hours from Victoria. Yes, it's totally worth the drive to see millions of Mexican free-tailed bats emerging from abandoned railroad tunnels at dusk. BONUS: The bat tunnel season lasts from May through October, so it's perfect for a fall trip with family too.

Check out this great video from Texas Parks and Wildlife on YouTube.

Number 6: Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Let me start with how much I love Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch but Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Glen Rose Texas, about five hours from Victoria is the perfect place to visit if you're headed to the Dallas area with kids. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center offers a look at a variety of endangered and exotic animals, including giraffes, cheetahs, and rhinos.

Thank you to Road Trippin With Takacs for their Youtube video.

Number 5: Marburger Orchard

I've never met anyone in Texas who doesn't love Fredrisckburg, in part of its beauty and charm, and oh yes. the wine. But there is a secret escape from the touristy stuff at Marburger Orchard in Fredericksburg, where you can pick your own seasonal fruit and enjoy a peach-perfect off-the-beaten-path experience.

Baskets of Peaches
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Number 4: Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area

I'm a sucker for batty things to do in Texas, and if you're into these furry creatures as much as I am, you've got to check out the Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area near Rocksprings, which houses a massive vertical cavern home to millions of bats. Take a guided tour to witness the bats as they emerge from the sinkhole at dusk. If you're coming from Victoria expect a good four-hour drive. Stop by Boerne!!

Check out this great video from Texas Parks and Wildlife on YouTube.

Number 3: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

While not entirely unusual for nature-loving tourists, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is often overlooked for more touristy parks like Big Bend. However, what makes the Guadalupe Mountains totally worth the ten-hour drive from the Crossroads is the incredible opportunity to explore the highest peak in Texas.

Here is everything you need to know to hike GMNP from Ultralight Outdoors on YouTube

Number 2: Blue Lagoon

If you love to scuba or if you are just learning, but the tropics are totally out of your budget this year, you've got to check out Blue Lagoon in Huntsville. It’s considered the ideal place to learn to dive or to just experience diving in a tropical environment outside of the tropics. There are even nighttime exploration dives that include sunken boats and an airplane in one of the quarries!

Shout out to the Rowdy Roebers for this great video on Youtube!

Number 1: Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park is number one on a LOT of top ten places to visit in Texas and even with the popularity of the interest in uncovering dinosaur tracks along the park in Glen Rose Texas, the four-and-a-half-hour drive from Victoria means lots of us don't go. And that's a shame because Dinosaur Valley is amazing. You can literally walk back in time with your family for hours on end and there is lots to do around the area as well.

Check out this great video from Texas Parks and Wildlife on YouTube.

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Have fun wherever you go in Texas! 



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