Over the weekend I'm pretty sure I found out that I'm not a ninja after all.  Insert sad face.  I had a few friends come up from Beeville Saturday night and I was sitting on my wrap around couch with people on both sides.  A round table was in front so it was a little difficult to get around.  It's the tables fault, I should get one that is a descent size and get rid of the one I have now because it just gets in the way.

What I did next was just dumb and stupid, but hey I thought I was a ninja.  No ninja skills at all as I hopped over the couch only to have my leg catch the top.  I landed on my bad knee which is the same one that I had my Meniscus taken out from a previous injury.  At first I was like DANG, that was stupid but it was pretty funny so we all laughed about it.

I then look down at my big toe and noticed it was bleeding and throbbing a little bit.  I also noticed it was almost torn off and bent straight up.  WHAT?  That's never happened to me before.  I then went to the bathroom to wash off the blood and poured some peroxide over it.  I tried to bend it back but the pain was horrible.  I put a bandage on it, wrapped some medical tape and went to bed.

The next day I checked it and miraculously it was folded down and back where it should be.  I have no idea how that happened because when I tried to fold it back it hurt so bad you would have thought I would have felt something during the night.  So yea, now my big toe is still throbbing and still hurts a little bit but I'm still able to walk, and my left knee is feeling better and I hope it continues to do so.  I will have to have surgery someday but I didn't expect this soon.

Remember folks, if you think your a ninja try and at least think something through before doing it just to be on the safe side.  After all, a simple "excuse me" would have been just great and of course not as dramatic.  Lesson learned?  Definitely!