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Riverside Park continues to see an increase in popularity.

There are so many awesome things to do in Riverside Park with family and friends and Victoria Parks and Recreation continues to bring more to the table, the 'picnic table' perhaps, every season.

What can you do new at Riverside Park?

Maybe as Victorian's, we have taken our prestigious Riverside Park for granted. Often when we have overnight guests, our visitors will comment on how awesome our Riverside Park is when we drive them through or stop for a picnic or trip to the zoo.

We've even taken several kayak rides! To be honest, I've tried disc golf and I was unbelievably TERRIBLE at it, but it is really fun to watch! 

When was the last time you've been to Riverside or any of the incredible parks we have throughout the city?

Over the last few years, big changes have come to Riverside which includes a new place to rent kayak and disc golf equipment with Flo Paddle Co, as well as the City of Victoria prioritizing the cleaning and renovation of Grover's Bend Pebble Beach. Which reminds me, did you know that the Disc Golf course is actually a destination disc golf course for fans of the game throughout the United States?

City of Victoria
City of Victoria

What's ahead for Riverside Park?

The duck pond will finish its renovation and the discussion of a dog park is at hand as well. Movie nights and camping nights for the community are also planned. You can get the latest information on Riverside Park by visiting the City of Victoria Riverside Park page here.

Nationwide Tour - 2006 BMW Charity Pro-Am at The Cliffs - Third Round
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Here is an article we did about the Duck Pond Renovation and what's coming NEW to Riverside. Just click the button below!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Riverside Park events! Just click the button below!

Riverside Park's popularity continues to grow. 

Just check out the recent BIG news for Riverside Golf Course.

Riverside Golf Course recently added 20 golf carts to its fleet to meet an increase in demand. This brings the course’s total to 70 golf carts! You can read the full CIVIC Alert by clicking here.

We will see you at Riverside!

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