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As the Guadalupe River continues to rise, Riverside Park will close for the safety of the public.  However, The Children’s Park near the Vine Street entrance will remain open because it is a safe distance from the river.


The River flood warning is in effect until further notice.  The stage of the river on Tuesday evening was 22.7 feet. The flood stage is 21.0 feet. At this point, minor flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is forecast.  The river is expected to rise to a crest of 27.9 feet on Thursday afternoon. The river will remain above the flood stage for the next several days.


Water is on John F. Lee Drive in Riverside Park. On McCright Drive, water will approach the first parking lot, the field across the Texas Zoo. Riverside Stadium will not be accessible. You will also see water covering Victoria St. and Vine. St near the old Dicks West End location on Moody Street.


At 28 feet, the water flows into Saxet Lake Park starting to cover Fordyce Road, with portions of the park inaccessible. Water crosses Fordyce Road at the large culvert between the lakes and the main portion of Sexet Lake Park, covering some of the picnic area and roads. Water may also be flowing under the US Business 59 East and West Relief Bridges.


As a precaution, the city started to close parts of the park, yesterday.

  • Grover’s Bend
  • Fox Bend
  • The boat ramp
  • John F. Lee Drive
  • The bridge on Bluff Street at Trinity Fields
The City of Victoria
The City of Victoria

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