Up until recently, tales of the Grinch who stole Christmas riding around the San Antonio suburbs were thought to just be a fun tale to pass the time during the COVID Christmas of 2020. But wait, it's all true! We now have the photographic evidence above from Reddit user Thisguy210. See the full photo here. 

Tales of a Grinch riding along in Santa's sleigh have come true after the Grinch was spotted on Thursday riding around the area of 281 from Brook Hollow to Thousand Oaks and Jones Malts according to SACurrent.com. Up until Thursday's photo, most of the Grinchy sitings were thought to be people having fun as we close in on the holidays.

One of the comments from Thisguy210 mentions that this Grinch is the version of the Character from the end of the movie. The one whose heart has grown three sizes thanks to the magic of Christmas. Thisguy210 said, "He stopped by while I was helping set up my parent’s house and complimented the theme we had going."

Another Reddit user, HuskeyGecko told users on the platform that the Grinch can be found over near Norland street. "Get off Jones Maltsberger at Carlton Oaks (five-star cleaners) and take the first left. Awesome Christmas lights too! Super nice guy."

Whoever it is that is helping the Grinch ride around and spread some holiday cheer we certainly want to thank them. Wouldn't it be great if every town has a person willing to dedicate this kind of time to make others feel a little better this holiday season? Thanks, Mr. Grinch! We'll keep an eye out for you the next time to go see the holiday lights at the Riverwalk.

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