A Reba McEntire fan got the command performance of a lifetime on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night (Aug. 12).

Fallon sometimes draws random requests from an audience suggestion box, and on Wednesday night he drew a suggestion from an audience member named Dan, who wrote, "Hey Jimmy, have you heard of close-up serenading? It's when a singer serenades you with a song, but stands only inches away from your face. Can you make that happen for me with Reba McEntire?"

Fallon called Dan down to the stage, and McEntire herself came out, greeting him with a big hug. She admitted that she hadn't done any close-up serenading before, and Fallon announced that he and the country icon would join together for a duet on their new song, "Just Wanna Spend This Moment."

With that, the pair hilariously began to sing in two-part harmony over a soulful track, pressing their faces right into Dan's from either side as they crooned, "Oh I just wanna spend this moment / Just wanna spend this moment / Just wanna spend this moment with you," as Dan alternately laughed and grimaced at how uncomfortably close they were.

The duet ended with McEntire's hand in his hair, while Fallon comically reached out and touched Dan with his index finger as he sang, "with youuuuuuu." Check out the hilarious performance above.

McEntire is getting back to work after announcing her separation from her husband and manager, Narvel Blackstock, last week. She is currently promoting a new single, "Until They Don't Love You," which is the second release from her Love Somebody album.

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