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Y'all I can NOT EVEN BELIEVE how naive I've been. 

Apparently, and please let me know if you are just learning this too, the Prada store, known as Prada Marfa in Marfa, Texas is NOT A REAL STORE!

I was just about to sit down to read my Texas Co-op Power magazine when the page landed on the title, " Faux Chic, For Sure" along with a photo of Prada Marfa.

Ashley Sutton YouTube
Ashley Sutton YouTube

Wait, "faux"? What???

My personal disclaimer

I have actually been to Marfa, Texas ( middle of nowhere Texas) with my family years ago in search of the hallowed grounds of James Dean's last movie, Giant, circa 1956.

Giant is Captain Husband's favorite movie OF. ALL. TIME. so when we first arrived in truly is the middle of nowhere West Texas, we had tunnel vision about our trip.

We were looking for all things Giant, not a giant art community!

We had no idea how much of an art community Marfa had become in the years since the movie was made!

Marfa Then and Now

Marfa, Texas was originally destined as a military base but it was sold to residents and now it's all about art and the art community!

Looking back, that should have been a SUPER HUGE clue for me that Prada Marfa was not a real store but an art installation piece, HOWEVER as I said earlier, Marfa as I now knew it, is artsy enough for me to ALSO believe the Prada Marfa store was real.

Prada Marfa, created in 2005 is a permanent art installation piece created by structural artists, Elmgreen and Dragset and took about $120,000.00 to build. Vandals broke into Prada Marfa the night it debuted so changes were made inside and the Prada products you see in pictures are 'altered' to deter future theft.

Check out this great video from Ashley Sutton as she explores Prada Marfa on her YouTube page.

So, what else am I being naive about? I mean I was today years old when I learned Prada Marfa is an art piece! I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, if you're looking for a unique trip to take with the family, I highly recommend Marfa. Be sure to check out the Marfa Lights while you are there too!

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