This video will put a lump in your throat! After tornadoes ripped through Mayflower, Arkansas (near Little Rock) on Sunday night, neighbors jumped in to help with rescue and recovery efforts. This video shows Mayflower resident Nick Naylor's rescue of a severely-injured 4-year-old girl, and an interview where he tells what happened that night.From (KTHV-TV CBS in Little Rock):

A Mayflower man stepped up to help find those missing and injured in Mayflower just after the tornado struck, including saving the life of a 4-year-old girl.


Nick Naylor helped rescued people in Mayflower including the little girl who was thrown at least 50 feet from her home.


Naylor carried the gravely injured 4-year-old Grace in his arms, repeatedly telling her, "Keep your eyes on me, you hear me? Lord, you're gonna take care of this child, I know you are. Because we put our faith in you, God."


Watch the dramatic video and interview by clicking the link below. Having lived in Arkansas for nine years myself--and having seen many communities respond after several bad storm seasons--I can tell you this: that's just what neighbors (especially in Arkansas) do!

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