Victoria Public Health Authority issues order of control measures on healthcare facility.  Victoria Public Health Authority Dr. John McNeill issued control measure orders on one healthcare facility after the Victoria County Public Health Department deemed it a COVID-19 outbreak. The Victoria County Public Health Department reported the outbreak at Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Victoria North, 102 Medical Drive, after discovering a sudden increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases, totaling 11. These 11 confirmed were found to be employees associated with the facility. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, every patient and healthcare worker at this facility will be tested. The health department is working towards testing and investigating all other potentially exposed healthcare patients, including those who have been discharged. “We have been in close contact with Post Acute Medical, LLC at both a local and corporate level, and they are fully cooperating with our efforts,” McNeill said. “We have also been in close contact with the State of Texas Region 8 Health Authority and local epidemiology team. We all have the same goal to identify, isolate and prevent any further transmission of this virus.” The control measure orders include the following: • The suspension of wound care intake, evaluation, and treatment, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. • Suspension of admission and transfer of patients, except in essential and emergency cases. • Suspension of current outpatient services. • Testing of all identified, potentially exposed staff and employees for COVID-19, as well as potentially exposed current and former patients. VICTORIA COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE The health department is working closely with the facility’s management and corporate offices to ensure proper measures are carried out. More information will be provided once it becomes available, as the investigation is ongoing. The public health department is monitoring any positive cases contacts, setting up any needed tests, and working to identify any contacts who may have been exposed while they were infectious. Anyone found to have had close contact to the patients will be contacted directly by health department staff. “Rest assured, all essential steps are being taken to protect not only the patients but the associated healthcare workers as well,” McNeill said. For information and questions, please call the Victoria COVID-19 hotline during business hours and weekdays at 361-580-5796. Residents also can refer to or the Victoria County Public Health Department’s Facebook page for the most up to date information.  Please practice social distancing and wash your hands.  Stay safe my friends.

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