The Victoria County Sheriff's Office has spent much of this Tuesday afternoon at Patriot Park near Saxet Lakes responding to a possible drowning. VCSO shared an alert to social media mid-afternoon informing the public that all entrances to Patriot Park were blocked off while crews respond.

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Possible Drowning at Saxet Lakes

The Victoria County Sheriff's Office, Victoria Fire Department, and Texas Parks and Wildlife all joined in the search after an unnamed witness reported someone in the water. Later in the afternoon, the Texas Department of Public Safety dive team joined in the effort. 911 dispatch was notified and according to the post shared online a Victoria SO patrol sergeant entered the water in an attempt to locate the person who was spotted by the witness. Crews on the scene are working on a recovery effort as it is believed that whoever it was that was in the water went under and did not resurface.

The Park Remains Closed Until Further Notice

Police have closed off all entrances into Patriot Park for now. With the recent heavy rains, the waters of Saxet Lakes are pretty high right now and it's not exactly the first place you would want to swim under those conditions. With the rain continuing to fall earlier today, many rivers continue to rise and have yet to crest. Choose your swimming hole carefully.

The Victoria Advocate shared that the person who was seen in the water is thought to be a 67-year-old man according to Deputy Will Franklin. The person in the water is said to have lost their footing while fishing from the shore and to have fallen into the lake.

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