With songs like 'Musta Had a Good Time,' 'Day Drinking' and 'Staring Down the Barrel of a Shot Glass,' one gets the impression that the Parmalee guys like to lead the party. Matt Thomas and Josh McSwain opened up about their wild ways during a video interview before their set at the Taste of Country Music Festival on Thursday (June 13).

The four men shared a house while attending East Carolina University, and many of the references in the Top 40 hit 'Musta Had a Good Time' come from that experience. While they didn't go into great detail, they did share one story that stands out from an embarrassing experience while under the influence.

"I made a fool of myself at Josh's wedding in Cancun," Thomas said, with the guitarist standing beside him. It seems he got a bit emotional. Watch the video above for all of the details, plus information about their upcoming EP.