The Salvation Army doesn't like to turn people in need away. However, in recent weeks, they've had to do just that. It all comes down to a simple clerical mix-up, as reported by Carlos Villalobos on

...Since the middle of December, the Salvation Army has been having to turn down families asking for food boxes. Those boxes normally contain non-perishable items, dry rice, and some fruit. The reasoning for it is simple, an in-house miscommunication.

Laura Martin is the core administrator for the Salvation Army and said the food boxes they receive is part of an arrangement with the Food Bank. When they failed to re-new their agreement with the Food Bank, the Salvation Army no longer had extra food available to hand out.

"We hate to turn people away because we really try to help them. We are very sorry but we just didn't have anymore food from the Food Bank that we could give them," Martin said.

Martin said the paperwork to renew the agreement was overlooked because there was confusion as to who was assigned to it. According to her, they have had to turn down almost 75 families.

Not all is bad news though, as the Food Bank is allowing them to still re-new the agreement.

With winter having come to the Crossroads, helping both the Salvation Army and the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent becomes even more vital. Get involved! Donate or volunteer in whatever way you can. Click these links to find out how:

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