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Mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 14th, for a simple and easy way to help nourish the Crossroads community.

Let's talk hunger.

What does hunger look like? 

Would you be surprised to learn that those in need of our help with nourishment rarely look like what we imagine them to be? Hunger looks like the mother working two jobs to try to make ends meet as a single parent. She goes to bed hungry so her children can eat.

Hunger looks like the veteran who can no longer afford both rent and food while he looks for a job, even though he willingly risked his life in the service of our country, for our freedoms.

Hunger looks like the elderly couple who are still enjoying a long life together, but sadly, with bills, medicine costs, and inflation, it means they are outliving their money.

What about the average Crossroads family right now, still recovering from COVID and the recession that followed, with lost wages who find themselves, like most of right now, making new budget adjustments as housing reaches an all-time high?

Hunger looks like all of us.

Stamp Out Hunger May 14th

If you want specifics for our community on hunger, the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent has some statistics that are just as surprising as what hunger looks like. Did you know if you donate a single dollar bill to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, you will make eight complete meals for a Crossroads family?

On May 15th, the National Association of Letter Carriers is committed to helping ensure healthy food makes it to struggling homes not just in the Crossroads but throughout the nation with their Stamp Out Hunger campaign.

It's easy to help. Likely you just have to remember to do so.

On May 14th just fill a bag, any bag you have on hand, with healthy non-perishable food items and leave it right next to your mailbox.

Our local mail carriers will take care of the rest.

Fill a bag, and help feed families. Help Stamp Out Hunger. It's the nation's largest all-volunteer one-day food collection.

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