Thirty years ago, local man Deputy David Castillo was killed in a tragic car accident while attending a call. Castillo was a Victoria native from the Queens City area. To honor his memory, his family has organized a canned food drive at Christ Kitchen tomorrow, April 17th, to give back to the community that he once lived in.

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Christ Kitchen is located at 611 E Warren Ave and will be accepting canned goods from 8 am until 1 pm. Any amount of donations are welcome; no amount is too little or too large.

Richard Castillo

David Castillo was a Deputy, and as part of that area of his life, the Bexar County Sheriff’s department will be sending down some of its team to support the event. The Sherriff's department will be showing their support with their generous donation of canned goods.

The Bexar County Sherriff department will also have recruiting officers present for those looking at joining the ranks. As part of their Recruiting Texas Tour, those looking to start a career in law enforcement can begin on a solid foot. Individuals who sign up and join the academy will receive a $2,000 sign-on bonus. Deputy Johnny Garcia explained that the bonus offers financial security when you relocate to a bigger city.

High schoolers can take advantage of the recruiting program, as Bexar County Sheriffs' department hires at 18. Deputy Garcia revealed," High schoolers can sign a letter of intent; we then provide a stole that they can wear when they walk across the stage at their graduation ceremony. It stands out when they walk across the stage; there's a sense of accomplishment that they're starting a career."

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