While Texans from Fort Hood to Houston mourn the death of Spc. Vanessa Guillen a petition is making the rounds. It is asking that one of the oldest Army bases in the world be closed permanently.

The petition is up on the website Change.org and claims to have collected some 695,000 signatures. It appears to be addressed to members of Congress and alleges that one of the nation's largest Army bases is hiding details about Vanessa Guillen's death. Having lived in the Killeen area for several years, a couple of things come to mind. No matter what is going on in Bell County there is almost always an ongoing petition to close Fort Hood. Seems like a story doesn't occur on the post that doesn't result in some sort of petition. In fact, we had a caller dial into the morning show yesterday who was stationed at Fort Hood who said many of the signatures on the petition come they saw belonged to troops from Fort Hood who are deployed overseas. Regardless of who is deployed and who is not, anyone has the right to voice their opinion with the petition. The other thing that anyone in Bell County will tell you is that if Fort Hood closes, so will the city of Killeen.

Guillen went missing back on April 22nd soon after her family members say Vanessa she started talking to them about accusations of being sexually harassed by her superior officer. Her remains were found June 30th near the Leon River not far from post. A suspect in the case shot and killed himself while investigators sought him for questioning. That person is 20-year-old Spc. Aaron David Robinson.

A press conference was held yesterday by Deputy Commander General Scott Efflandt who said the Army is ready to help the U.S. Attorney finish the investigation and look into the sexual harassment charges according to News4SanAntonio.com.

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