Football fans around the world are paying their respects to the great Don Shula who has passed away Monday at the age of 90. The team released a statement saying the coach passed away at his home.

Shula led the Miami Dolphins for 50 years and earned himself a reputation as one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time, even finishing one season with a perfect record. Under Shula, the Dolphins are the only team to ever finish a season with an undefeated record. Shula coached his team to two Superbowl wins and sits atop the leader board for most wins by a head coach at 328.

His years as a player began in 1951, and Shula coached the Dolphins for 26 years before retiring in 1995. If you ever get to visit the Dolphins stadium you can't miss the 10-foot-tall statue of the coach at the entrance.



Dallas Cowboys fans to this day are still worked up over Shula's ability to win just about any game at any moment including the infamous game between the Cowboys and Dolphins on Thanksgiving of 1993. I still watch with one eye closed!

The 'Don' had his defense on the field and the Cowboys actually blocked Pete Stoyanovich's field goal, but as the ball went spinning off into the snow the only thing the Cowboys had to do was NOT touch the football. Well, the rest is history.

Thanks for the memories Coach Shula. Truly one of the NFL's greats!

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