My family's happy place is Disney World! So we made a last-minute decision to take a two-day excursion a little over a month ago.  In our two days at the most magical place on Earth, we visited the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  So the questions that people from Disney Nation always ask are, How were the crowds? How was the park without Fastpasses?  How long are the waits? So let me break it down for you by day. SEE THE RECAP VIDEO BELOW. Like and follow my Youtube Channel!


We went to the Magic Kingdom on a Monday and got there in time for rope drop. Which was the official welcome and opening of the Magic Kingdom and we stayed until close. As soon as we enter we head to Frontier Land to get on Splash Mountain 10 MINUTE WAIT. We then to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and waited a mere 15 MINUTES. We then made our way to the Haunted Mansion and waited 15 MINUTES. We closed out the morning with a classic Disney attraction Philhar Magic and just walked on with no wait  That is FOUR Disney attractions in less than 2 Hours!  That is how you Disney!  Most people go to Space Mountian or Mine Train first.


At this time it was time for lunch and we stopped at Casey's Corner on Main Street USA.  A hot dog/ chili dog menu with a nostalgic baseball feel. Yes, mobile ordering is fantastic!  We then headed to another Disney classic, Pirates of the Caribbean with a wait of only 16 minutes however, the posted wait time was 55 minutes.  This was the heat of the day so we decided to take in air-conditioned attractions, the Little Mermaid with a 25-minute wait followed by the Carousel of Progress with no wait. We then took in two rides on the People Mover(15 & 20-minute waits)  That is how you cool off a Disney. Take in all the inside air-conditioned rides during the heat of the day.


It was at this point that it started storming, it rained for about an hour. This was about the same time the Space Moutain was shut down due to technical difficulties.  So we took cover right near Space Mountain in hopes of being at the front of the line when the ride reopened. IT WORKED! They opened Space Mountain and we WALKED ON!  What?  That is unheard of unless you are at the park super early. It was 5 o'clock! It was then time for dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. Absolutely fantastic Italian food.  At that point, we sneak in one more ride before the fireworks close the night.  We head back to Big Thunder Railroad with a 20-minute wait. We then close out the night with the Happily Ever After Fireworks finale. 


.  We also were there for the official opening, rope drop, and made it to park close and had a dinner reservation. The heavy rain, thunder, and lighting closed down Mine Train and the Monsters Laugh Floor was closed.   The only ride we missed out on was the Jungle Cruise, which we were sad about.  The Magic Kingdom is all about Disney nostalgia and we love it. The next day we went to Hollywood Studios, I will share that story soon.


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