M&M's are such a classic candy and have earned the right as a household name. They have ramped things up and now, choosing between milk chocolate and peanut is a thing of the past.

There are so many different varieties of this delicious little circle of pure bliss.

From fudge brownies to chocolate popcorn, M&M's has got it covered. In fact, there is a brand new flavor coming out in 2021. Modeling for the new flavor, Ms.Green has got her giant sun hat on with her big ol' slice of Key Lime Pie. That's right, M&M has done it now. They have managed to jam pack the citrus flavor of key lime pie into a tiny round piece of chocolate.

Check out some of the other limited edition and throwback delicious flavors M&M's have pushed out the flavor mill.

9 Throwback Flavors from M&M

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