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This is an exciting announcement! The Victoria Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting the MLB Pitch Hit & Run event at the Youth Sports Complex on Saturday, April 24th from 10-2! Put your skills to the test with this fun competition. This contest is open for children in age groups: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 & 13/14 for baseball and softball.  Age determined as of July 17, 2021

Boys and girls participants may compete in either division (Baseball or Softball). Participants should compete in the division they play locally in team/league play. Once a participant has competed in a division, he/she must remain in that division for all subsequent levels of the competition, and may not switch divisions.

Here is how they will be judging the contest:

THE PITCH: The PITCH portion of the program will test how accurately a competitor can throw strikes to a designated "Strike Zone" target from a designated distance (35 feet for the softball division and 45 feet for the baseball division). Any method of underhand/overhand pitching or throwing is accepted. An attempt hitting ANY portion of the target will be deemed a strike.

THE HIT: The HIT portion of the program will test a competitor's ability to hit from a stationary batting tee, along with a tape measure from home plate, toward straight-away centerfield. Hits will be measured for distance and accuracy.

THE RUN: The RUN portion of the program will measure a competitor's speed in a sprint from the start line, touching third base, and touching home plate. ALL participants will run a total of 120 feet.

You must pre-register before the event, you can do so by clicking here. Just type in your zip code to bring up our local competition.

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