Calls started coming in at around 2:30 this morning about a possible missing swimmer. As reported by KIII in Corpus Christi, five friends from New Mexico on vacation went for an early morning swim on White Cap Beach on Padre Island. Only four came out of the water prompting these rescue calls. Multiple crews, including the Coast Guard, assisted in the search and had found nothing.  Then out of nowhere, as the sun came up, the fifth guy just showed up at their hotel.  None of the five swimmers appeared to have injuries. This is still a developing story so we don't know what happened to the 5th guy just yet.

The question remains, where did he go?



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We are glad he is ok, but this got me thinking about how sometimes people have a little too much fun at Padre Island and South Padre Island.  I mean who remembers Spring Break back in the '90s? You head down to SPI and maybe sneak over to Mexico and party to have a carefree good time.  You then look at the 35 mm film that was developed and say stuff like 'I don't remember this.' I remember going to South Padre Island losing my group and catching a ride with a random stranger back to the hotel because he was staying at the same hotel.  What are some of your Spring Break memories from back in the day. Be listening to the show on Monday and call in your stories.


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