A couple of weeks ago we got introduced to a very special Pilot who has got the state of Texas talking! Her name is Lieutenant Junior Grade Madeline Swegle and she is about to have a really big day tomorrow.

Lieutenant Swegle is about to get her wings on July 31st and become the U.S. Navy's first African American female tactical jet pilot. KRISTV.com reports that Swegle has now finished all the steps for the Tactical Air aviator syllabus with the VT-21 Redhawk squadron.

This will all go down tomorrow at NAS Kingsville. Swegle told NBC news, "I hope that my legacy will be that there will be a lot of other women, minority women, different faces that come forward and /know that they have all the tools they need and follow their dreams."

Madeline says her love for jets goes back to her childhood when her parents used to take her to watch the Blue Angel squadron perform maneuvers. Learn more about her in the video above. She'll receive her Wings of Gold tomorrow and then she'll be assigned to a specific jet and stationed at her next stop in her career with the Navy.

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