Check out these adorable best friends! Duke the calf and Rex the Chicken! Can't you just see them becoming the main characters of the next animal reality show? They should at least get a cartoon!

Just yesterday the DJ's in the building got into a conversation about just how on edge people seem to be lately. People are stressed, people are upset with the conditions brought on by the pandemic, and we got to thinking - people just need a big friggin hug!

Take a lesson from these two barnyard buddies. We CAN all get along. Duke and Rex live over in Arizona at a place called What a neat place! It may not be totally obvious in the photo or video, but Duke was born without bones in his legs and also has dwarfism. Rex ended up at the animal sanctuary after his owner brought him in when the other chickens in their coup started to pick on him. The owner feared Rex would get bullied to death so they brought him to Aimee's.

The two are basically inseparable nowadays and have racked up over 1 million views on social media. You can find more fun with Duke and Rex if you search Reddit. Their threads have tons of comments and inspire all kinds of good feels.

Closer to home is another amazing animal sanctuary down towards Matagorda Island Unity of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This long chain of barrier islands stretches down the Texas coast with a landscape that is home to whooping cranes, Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, reddish egrets, alligators, and even coyotes.

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